Recherche et réalisation en cours
Recherche et réalisation en cours

Fabric Experience - Le Bourget 7,8,9,10 février 2011
PRISME ROOM ' A riot of colors '

Le prisme de "Sauvage inachevé" nous pousse à la réflexion à travers l'intensité de sa réfraction.
Leur performance, création chorégraphique originale, interroge le geste sur la couleur. Une exploration intuitive des nuances donne vie à la matière.

The prism of 'Sauvage inachevé" pushes us
towards thinking through the intensity of its refraction.
Their performance, unique choreographic creation, questions the gesture on the colour. A risky exploration of shades give life to the material.

Fabric Experience
- Worldwide textile rendez-vous
Directeurs artistiques:
Louis & Grégory Gérin Lamaud

du 7 au 10 février 2011

Performances de Sauvage Inachevé (France Hervé, Nancy Moreau, Mathias Dou) THE RIOT OF COLORS
lundi 7, mardi 8 et mercredi 9 : 11h15, 12h30, 14h45, 16h00
jeudi 10 : 10h00, 11h15, 12h45, 15h00

According to Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, Artistic Directors at Texworld, action and colour have been selected as the main theme of the Designers & Fashion hub which will showcase the high end ranges from Texworld exhibitors in a consistent setting, turning it into an element which will help to steer visitors. “We viewed colour as one of the fundamental elements in the design of a fabric and wanted to recognise its true worth in this process,” explains Louis and Grégory.

Texworld - photo by Lucia Carpio
Sauvage Inachevé will be one of the main themes, in which a trio of dancers, perform contemporary
choreography inspired by Indian religious celebrations in a whirl of coloured powders which then stain their white clothes with colour.